About the project


The YOUTHMINDS project aims to develop a platform, a knowledge pack, an activity pack and a guidebook that will provide information about the mobile application. In other words, the InnerYOU MOB APP will give the opportunity to young people (YP) to take care/ improve and maintain their Mental Health by performing their own PERSONALIZED Action Plan (on weekly basis) that will be tailored to their preferences, needs to cover etc. Equally, the project pioneers to design educational tools using digital format, which at the same time, will help YP and YW to practice and enhance their digital skills.

The main objectives of the project are to:​

  1. Normalize mental health problems (MHP) by encouraging YW and YP to talk about them, share experiences, and being there for others when help is needed;
  2. Equip YW with the needed knowledge, skills and attitudes to address the needs of YP regarding mental health issues;
    Help YP to better understand their emotions, talk more about mental health issues, and develop resilience;
  3. Reduce social stigma and normalize conversation around MHP;
  4. Promote healthier attitudes and behaviours in the long-term as YP will be equipped with skills and competences during adolescence enabling the avoidance of mental health issues in their adult life.


A study of WHO, revealed a decline in young people’s (YP) mental well-being from 2014 -2018. It is estimated that 4% of 15-24 years old, recognize that they might suffer from chronic depression, while 14% of the European youth between 18-24 feel anxiety. Importantly, half of all MHP in adulthood turn out during or before adolescence period (WHO Europe). Moreover, although it’s evident that well informed youth workers (YW) on the mental health can deliver distinctive outcomes for YP, many YW find it difficult to open discussions with YP on mental health issues, maybe because they do not have the skills/knowledge to initiate these kinds of conversations.

If YW can encourage YP to talk about their emotions, they can reduce the existing social stigma around mental health which makes it harder for them to recover. Based on the above, and the fact that the Mental Wellbeing and end stigmatization of MHP, for achieving social inclusion of all YP, is one of the most important priorities of the EU YOUTH STRATEGY, the project aims to promote positive mental health in YP by improving their knowledge around mental health and equipping them with skills to take care and maintain their mental wellbeing.


  • Direct target group: Young people.
    Indirect target group: Youth workers.
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