Foundation Institute of Social Re-Integration IRIS

IRIS is a non-profit organization from Poland established in 2016.
Our main goal is to support youth and adult educational paths through the development of skills and competences, working with culture and art, promotion of ecology and digital transformation.
We also support new reforms in non-formal education, shape pro-European civic attitudes, popularize the idea of European integration and aim to raise all educational initiatives connected with human rights, social inclusion and social support.
The target groups of our activities range from pre-school children, through early school and young children, youth, adults to senior citizens, although youth and young adults are our main recipients. Our organization is focused on volunteers, NEETs, children and young people facing economic, geographic or social obstacles, the socially excluded, the disabled and the culturally diversified.
Our foundation organizes various events (also on a European scale) related to the scope of our activity, among the others: workshops/ meetings for youth, lectures, city games, discussion panels, ecological workshops, photography workshops, exhibitions, information days, conferences (also online) and theatre performances. We provide non-formal education services for socially diversified target groups. We also produce short films/ videos covering globally significant issues.
IRIS largely cooperate with centers supporting the mentally handicapped and the physically disabled or with people whose impairments or disability affect their functioning. The organization entered into cooperation with many NGOs, institutions, training centers and so with trainers, mentors, educators and youth workers. Bearing in mind human beings with fewer opportunities (social, cultural, geographical, economical etc.) the foundation provides them with psychological support.
We organize youth exchanges, internships and training courses and have a vast experience in KA1 and KA2 Erasmus+ projects. We create innovative intellectual outputs under Strategic Partnerships in the field of Youth, Adult, School, Vocational and Higher Education. Foundation also implements initiatives within International Visegrad Found and Polish-Ukrainian Council of Youth Exchange.

Legal representative details: Magdalena Bednarek


Contact person details: Anna Tupiec


Official Website:

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