Fundación Sorapán de Rieros

The Sorapán de Rieros Foundation (FSR) is a private, non-profit institution born in 2000. Our purpose is to ensure that people who suffer or are at risk of suffering from mental illness have a full life, with many opportunities. Our mission is guarantee that these and other vulnerable groups achieve full social and labor integration, through proactive, preventive, therapeutic, guiding and supportive actions that help them to realize their empowerment process. The prevention and treatment of young people at risk of suffering from a psychiatric pathology or mental health problems is one of our main goals.

FSR studies, plans and delivers therapeutic and integral psychological help to children, adolescents, adults and the elderly, aimed at the prevention and treatment of psychiatric disorders and cognitive impairment. FSR is an Occupational Rehabilitation Center for people with Serious Mental Illness (SMI) and develops several public programs: Social and Community Inclusion, Orientation and Labor Inclusion and Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center, all of them are part of the Social-Health Care Network of Extremadura.

The foundation also holds activities for the labor inclusion of varied disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, which involves close collaboration with regional companies, due to its role of coordinator entity of Extremadura Incorpora Program of La Caixa Foundation. The delivery of training courses and internships with local companies, providing our beneficiaries with feasible opportunities for labor insertion, is also part of the foundation´s activities portfolio.

FSR owns and manages the Employment Center Dédalo, created in 2005, whose main goal is to work towards the improvement in the quality of life of people with mental illness, by means of actions such as workshops to train socio-labor skills through art, sewing and tailoring and elaboration of handicrafts and accessories. The funds raised are invested to keep working for the social and labor inclusion of this group.

FSR also develops campaigns and workshops directed to several audiences such as schools, young people and children, etc focused on the promotion of mental health, as well as raising awareness towards the stigma of mental illness and promotion of acceptance and tolerance values.
It counts with a multidisciplinary team of experts in different fields (psychologists, neuropsychologists, professionals on psychopedagogy and psychomotricity, project specialists and managers, job counselors, trainers, social educators and teachers, occupational therapists and instructors for workshops and other activities), as well as a growing network of volunteers. Through our initiatives, we provide support to an average of 800 individuals per year.
FSR works in network with a range of institutions that belong to mental health, employment, youth and social inclusion areas. This networking reinforces the cooperation to develop joint activities and also establishes the best context for best practices exchange, continuous improvement and the execution of collaborative projects.

Legal representative details: Aida Pérez Rodríguez

Contact person details: Rosa Núñez Fernández


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