Hellas for Us

Hellas for Us was founded in 2015 with a mission to promote active citizenship and volunteering, social transformation, equality, and inclusion. Our organization focuses on the transition to a “Society for All” since it is a key element for social development. We aim to promote social inclusion and integration through fostering inclusive societies that are stable, safe, just, and tolerant, and respect diversity, equality of opportunity, and participation of all people, including disadvantaged and vulnerable groups and persons. The organization aims especially in the social integration of people with mental health issues, as well as people under drug rehabilitation.
Covid 19 pandemic has aggravated the mental health of the people worldwide, while fenomena of stress and depression have been doubled in the most of the countries. However, mental health stigma continiues to exist, making
In 2020 we created the LEGAL& SOCIAL DEPARTMENT as a branch of our organization. The mission of this branch is to expand support for human rights by increasing advocacy and raising awareness, monitoring human rights violations and assisting victims, educating individuals, organizations, and civil servants on human rights problems, and strengthening collaboration of CSOs with Media to promote human rights. The organization is composed of lawyers, sociologists, and psychologists who provide a holistic approach to the work, while at the same time they are cooperating with activists at national and international level.

Legal representative details: Eleni Papargyri

Email: Papargyri@hellasforus.com

Official Website: hellasforus.com 


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