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The event was organised on 28 November 2023. It lasted 4 hours. The event was organised by FUNDACJA INSTYTUT RE-INTEGRACJI SPOŁECZNEJ at University of Humanities and Economics in Łódź. At the beginning we registered the participants and opened the meeting. Forty-four people (external participants) took part in the dissemination conference. As it was an international event, the representatives of partner organisations and youth from the partner countries participated in the event as well. At the outset we introduced the attendees to the project objectives, target groups and project results. We navigated them both through the project website and the INNERyou mobile app. Later on, the attendees had an opportunity to actively listen to the lecture “YOUTH mind in control” to find out more about wellbeing of young people. After the coffee break, during which the attendees could exchange their views or approaches to the state of mental health, the interactive workshop “YOUTH mind in control”  was provided. It was the most attractive part of the conference. Afterwards, the audience could ask various questions to our experts. We also conducted a contest and awarded some active attendees with prizes. After this section we closed the meeting.

The agenda constitutes one of the annexes to this report.


The YouthMINDS Multiplier event in Spain was conducted in the Santo Ángel Education Center in Badajoz and saw the participation of 30 individuals (young people, youth workers, teachers and members of the educative communities of Santo Ángel School mostly, but also from Castelar, Nuestra Señora de la Asunción and Nuestra Señora de Botoa.

The event was organized with the collaboration of Santo Ángel in their facilities and was led by Carmen Gaitán, child and adolescent psychologist from FSR who has been involved in YouthMinds project as researcher and have organized/ participated in several project activities such as C1 (LTTA for Youth workers), TPMs and local YouthMinds Challenge. Carmen had the support of Rafael Gallego Caraballo, who conducted part of the event, he is also a psychologist making his traineeship at FSR and with special interest in being involved in YouthMINDS project activities.

The event was conducted as shown in the agenda above: after the registration of participants and welcome, facilitators presented the project’s overview: project type, funding program, consortium, objectives, target groups, results and activities so all participants could have a clear picture before moving on to project results.

In a second stage, a detailed presentation of all project results was implemented, including practical demonstrations whenever possible, namely: knowledge pack and activity pack (highlight main contents and tips for mental health, mini practical activities) and navigation through the online platform and INNERYOU mobile app; giving participants some time to experience by themselves.

In a third stage, facilitators presented the LTTAs, main results and conclusions and how both activities served to finetune and improve project results.

The event was finalized with an open discussion, where participants were invited to ask questions, share feedback, engage in discussions with participants and fill out the event’s evaluation survey.

The agenda constitutes one of the annexes to this report.


A significant Multiplier Event was organised in Koventareios Public Library, in Kozani, Greece, where we presented all major outputs, including the knowledge pack, the activity pack, the YouthMINDS platform, and the InnerYOU mobile application. This event served as a platform to showcase the project’s achievements and engage stakeholders in discussions surrounding youth mental health and gathered 37 participants.

The Multiplier Event in Kozani was carefully planned and executed to ensure maximum participation and impact. We invited a diverse range of stakeholders, including youth organizations, educational institutions, mental health professionals, policymakers, and community members, to attend the event. By involving a broad spectrum of participants, we aimed to foster collaboration, exchange ideas, and promote the uptake of project outcomes.

During the event, project partners delivered presentations and demonstrations highlighting the features and benefits of each major output. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about the YouthMINDS platform and the InnerYOU mobile application firsthand, exploring how these tools could support young people in managing their mental health and well-being. Interactive sessions and discussions were also organized to facilitate knowledge sharing and networking among participants.


Emphasys Centre organized a series of Multiplier Events for the YouthMinds project in Cyprus during December 2023. The first event, held on December 13th at Emphasys Centre in Nicosia, engaged 32 participants, mainly young people and youth workers from NEXT organization. The second event, on December 18th at A’ Technicki scholi in Nicosia, drew 54 participants, including young people, youth workers, trainers, and professionals from across Cyprus. The third event, on December 19th at Scholi Leivadiwn in Livadia, involved 12 participants, primarily youth workers and trainers from the Leivadia area.

Each event began with an introduction to Emphasys Centre and the YouthMinds project, followed by presentations on project aims, objectives, consortium, and results, including the InnerYOU Mobile Application. Participants with Android devices were asked to download and test the app, then create personalized action plans for mental health improvement. Affirmation cards and open discussions facilitated engagement, with participants expressing appreciation for the app’s potential usefulness during the Covid-19 lockdown. The events concluded with participants evaluating the session and project overall through questionnaires.


The YouthMINDS Multiplier Event was conducted in the “Gen. Ivan Bachvarov” Professional High School in Sevlievo, Bulgaria with the participation of 32 young people and youth workers. The workshop was led by Ms Krasimira Petkova, who is a pedagogical advisor in the school with a keen interest in psychology. She attended the C2 training mobility as part of the YouthMINDS project and then conducted the YouthMINDS Challenge.

The multiplier event followed the aforementioned agenda as described. The youth worker presented general information about the project, its goals and activities to the young people. Then the participants were familiarised with the project results one by one, namely the Knowledge and Activity Pack, the platform for online learning, the InnerYOU mobile app and the YouthMINDS Challenge Guidebook. Then the youth worker gave information about the project related mobilities and transnational partners meetings that were organized. As a final step, the participants were invited to fill out the Evaluation Survey, in which they assess their experience with the multiplier event that they attended.

ME – TAVO EUROPA – Lithuania

Dissemination events took place on 13 December 2023 and 11 January 2024. They were organised by Tavo Europa, in cooperation with the Mokolai Pro-Gymnasium of the Marijampolė Municipality and the Meilė Lukšienė Educational Centre of Marijampolė. Youth workers, educators, mental health, and education specialists were invited to the events. Although the event took place in the relatively small Lithuanian city of Marijampolė, it was attended by professionals from other cities and rural areas.

The event consisted of two main parts. The first focused on the YouthMinds project. Indre Apuokiene, youth worker at Tavo Europa, presented the project’s objectives and results. Among other things, the participants were introduced to the project activities that took place in Lithuania, namely the piloting activities and the YouthMinds Challenge. The participants were interested in the project and in the possibility of using the developed results.

The second part of the conference featured presentations by guest speakers with a wide knowledge of youth mental health. They spoke generally about the mental health needs of young people and how to take care of them, as well as presented other ongoing initiatives in the city and across Lithuania to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of mental disorders. The audience had the opportunity to ask questions.

The presentations were followed by a reception where participants had the opportunity to chat informally, share insights on youth work and even discuss possible collaborations .

At the end of the event, participants were asked to complete an online evaluation survey. In it, participants noted that they had learnt a lot of new things during the event about young people’s mental health and how to deal with problems. Participants expressed their willingness to use the results of YouthMinds in their daily work.

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