INTERACTIVE PLATFORM for promoting e-learning and eparticipation

The second PR is the development of the interactive platform or promoting e-learning and e-participation. Essentially, the objectives of this product was to develop, pilot-test and upload an interactive PLATFORM which functions as an Open Learning Environment. Based on cutting-edge technology with various functionalities, to be utilized by YW and YP (as a resource of tools and communication). Overall, The PLATFORM includes various functions for enhancing e-learning and e-communication of YP and YW. It includes the E-LEARNING section of the tool where YP will be able to navigate through the learning material and enhance their knowledge on Mental Health subject.


The e- COMMUNITY section where all YP, YW, volunteers, mental health professionals etc. participate for the exchange of good practices, ideas, material, etc. Additionally, the platform holds a dedicated space for interacting with staff of the partners’ organizations for giving feedback and monitoring the whole procedure, called the e-HELP DESK. Finally, this portal involves an e-LIBRARY section for the participants to search through the materials and locate any questions they might have.  Essentially, this PR links YP from different countries and encourage them to talk, discuss about Mental Health, and exchange experiences.

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