Result 4 – GUIDEBOOK

GUIDEBOOK, tailored for setting up the YOUTHMINDS CHALLENGE

The final project result (PR4) is the production of the GUIDEBOOK, tailored for setting up the YOUTHMINDS CHALLENGE. Evidently, PR4 focuses on the production of the GUIDEBOOK to guide partners and other youth organizations, training centres etc. in setting up the YouthMINDS CHALLENGE Programme and utilizing the developed PRs. Hence the principal objectives of this product were to design, develop, produce and pilot-test the GUIDEBOOK necessary for the implementation of the CHALLENGE which aims to bring YP’s Mental Health to the forefront. This is being achieved by improving YP’s knowledge and information around mental health and enabling them to support their mental wellbeing. Moreover, the consortium will organize a training activity for YW, aiming to prepare them to take the role of the trainers-mentors of YP, and launch the CHALLENGE with the participation of 20 YP per partner countries.


Accompanied by high-tech tools, PLATFORM and MOB APP, this result supports youth organizations to develop a challenging and motivational programme, aiming to promote YP’s mental health and wellbeing. Specifically, the consortium collaborates to form synergies with the target groups through a campaign which will include the organization of 1 info day for raising awareness of YP on the positive outcomes through their participation in the Programme. Moreover, synergies will be achieved through the development of campaign material such as social media posts, Instagram stories-lives etc. and use specific communication techniques for reaching out the targeted audiences such as hashtags (#YouthMINDS, #JointheCHALLENGE, #MentalHealthMatters).


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