C1 Activity

DATE: 3-7 of July 2023.

VENUE: Badajoz, Spain

📲The partners participated in the project’s Learning Mobility (C1) from the 3 – 7 of July 2023, in which youth workers were also invited, in order to review all of the products developed including the KNOWLEDGE PACK, the ACTIVITY PACK, the InnerYOU Mobile Application and the YOUTHMINDS e-Learning platform! In addition, during the hybrid C1, the partners discussed about the upcoming activities of the project that will encompass the C2 activity and the local challenge, to which the partners will test the InnerYOU application with young people.

C2 Activity

DATE: 27 of November – 1 of December 20203.

VENUE: Łódź, Poland

During 27 November – 1 December, 2023, our C2 Blended Mobility “Mental Health Ambassadors” took place in Łódź, Poland.
27 young people from Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece and Cyprus participated in activities for mental health wellbeing and resilience that were developed throughout the project. They learned psycho-emotional skills on topics like self-awareness & self management, social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision making, recognising emotions and behaviours and solving challenging situations.
The young people actively engaged in raising the awareness aroung Mental Health and Wellbeing through group activities for the creation of a digital campaign, making them our Mental Health Ambassadors!
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